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Toluna.com Essentials: How to Create a Thumb-It

The Toluna community offers our members a chance to create their own content and get feedback from our millions of members. Our content creation platform offers our members to create Polls, Topics, Thumb Its and Battles. In our series of “Toluna Essentials” we’ll go over all the techniques you can use to get the most out of your content at Toluna.


The third in our series is the “Thumb It” option. What is a thumb it? A thumb it allows your to post an image or video and let the community decide, via thumbs up or thumbs down, whether they like or dislike what you have presented. It could be a celebrity, a piece of art, a song, anything!


Adding photos or videos to the entire thumb it is quite simple. Just click the camera icon, or video camera icon and upload your own photos, or use our search tool. *Quick Tip* Thumb-its must include a picture or video to work. In fact, our Toluna Team members may even send you some bonus points if you create a quality thumb.


By clicking the “Advanced” options button, the picture above will drop down. Our advanced options allow you to choose the timeframe you would like to keep your thumb it open (1 month, 3 months or 6 months, or Forever). Your thumb it will close automatically after 6 months if you do not choose an option.


Toluna requires that you choose a category for your content and give you plenty of options in the category bar. Scroll over the icons to see which each icon represents. If you are not sure where to categorize your thumb it, you can always click the wine glass representing “lifestyle.”


Once your thumb it is launched, you can view the results by going to your profile, scrolling down to “Your Content”. Please note that you must vote on your own thumb it before you can review the results. Click on your content and on the button that says “results.” A menu like the one above will appear. You can share your results with friends on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, email, and your blog.

Please give us your feedback on THIS THUMB.


Toluna Team

May Theme Contest Bonus Winners!

Good afternoon members,

We would like to thank everyone who participating in our May theme contest. Many of you posted on our wall and emailed us saying how much you enjoyed the contest.

To refresh your memory of the contest rules, click here. Each week, we gave a 1,000 point bonus to the member who had the most votes on their content for that week’s theme. Here are the winners that had the most popular content each week:


Week 1:  Create a thumb it and fill in the blank “My favorite actor is ____ ”

Winner: jljmugs

Week 2: Create a topic with a riddle. “Riddle Contest” in the title

Winner: Andy Dufresne 

Week 3: Create a battle  with the title “Food battle: ____ vs ____”

Winner: yxq7302

Week 4: Create a poll or topic with the title “Spring Things”

Winner: pokecheck


Congrats to our winners! Check out our latest contests here:

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Member of the Week – April 17, 2014

Hello members,


Thanks for checking out our second Member of the Week feature.  This week, we’re happy to congratulate wishcg on being our featured member.

Here’s a look at some of the fun and informative polls wishcg has been posting, giving us all a little insight on your fellow community member’s tastes and interests.


Thanks for creating awesome content wishcg,  please keep them coming!

Good luck to all of our members for the coming week!  We can’t wait to see all of your posts, and announce our next winner!

See you soon,
The Toluna Team

How does it work? 
Every day the Toluna Team awards Content Bonus points to members for posting high quality polls, topics, battles and thumb-its. Each Thursday, we will tally those bonuses for the week, and the member with the most Content Bonuses will be awarded an additional 5,000 points for their great contributions to the site, and will be named our Member of the Week. Find out more here.

Wondering how you can receive a content bonus? Check out our blog post with tips on how you can create top quality content here!



The Toluna Team