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How much do you love pizza?

Pizza sneakers. You definitely read that right. Because, why not?

These glorious cheesy creations are going to be auctioned off starting at $275 and proceeds donated to womenwin.org, an organization that empowers gender equality through sports.

Would you purchase this pepperoni perfection if it was for a good cause? As much as I love my pizza, I don’t think I would be able to rock these. Love the fact that it’s going to charity, but then I would be left with pizza sneakers…. and the only pizza I want to have is one that I can eat.

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March Popular Poll Contest Results

Dear Members,

Thank you to everyone that participated in our March Popular Poll Contest.

We are happy to announce that out of all of the entries submitted our winners are:

March 2014 Popular Poll Contest winners

First Prize – sweetcustard– 50,000 points  || What do you keep in your purse?

Second Prize –  sharyn317 – 30,000 points || Which pizza do you prefer?

Third Prize – pumpkinbug– 15,000 points || Do you trust your government?
Let’s send each of them congratulations for their great polls and hard work.  Feel free to write on their walls and click on their poll topics above to share your opinion, and see the results.

There were so many interesting polls created for this contest. We enjoyed seeing everyone get excited to create a variety of polls and the camaraderie fostered throughout the community. Thanks again to everyone for participating.

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 See you soon,

The Toluna Team