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Toluna Tutorial: How and when to contact Toluna

Dear Members,

It’s usually easy to use Toluna but if you encounter issues, there are a few dedicated teams who take care of different issues who would be happy to help.
Your issue will be resolved faster if you go through the appropriate channels.


• The FAQs are a good source of information.
• Where can I learn more about the Toluna community (surveys, points, rewards and sweepstakes)?
• What do I do if you can’t register or sign in to Toluna?
• Who do I contact if I have a problem with rewards on the site or a problem with a survey?
• How do I check and follow up on my open support cases?
• What do I do if I encounter an issue on the site with content or contests?

Please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments and to share ideas on what you think the next tutorial should be about.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Toluna Team

Video Tutorial – How does Toluna use the data we collect?

Dear members,

We would like to take a few minutes to give you more insight into our business model and how we generally use the data we collect.

• What is Toluna’s business?
• Who are Toluna’s clients? What do they want?
• Why does Toluna ask for personal information such as name and address?
• Why does Toluna ask so many questions in surveys?
• Why does Toluna keep asking the same questions in almost every survey?
• How does Toluna use the data we collect?
• What happens to my answers when I don’t qualify for a survey?

Toluna August 2015 Content Superstars!

Hello Members,

Congratulations to our August 2015 Superstars, and thank you to everyone for creating such great content throughout the month.  It’s a great way to see who’s active in the community, and give you an opportunity to meet and learn about your fellow community members.

Take a look below to see who created the most content overall in August, then login to your account to see if you can climb to #1 in September!

1 2

Thanks to all of our members for creating great content last month, and making our community a fun and lively place to visit. Keep up the great work, and check back soon to see if you will top the September leader board!

See you soon,
The Toluna Team

August 19th Webinar Q&A

Good afternoon members,


Thank you to those members who attended our webinar on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015. As promised, I have answered all of your questions here. If you missed this one, don’t worry! We will hold another in a few months. Stay tuned for details.

1. How do you earn bonus points?

Rank up bonuses are given at the discretion of the Toluna staff. We don’t reward everyone every day. We scour the dashboard looking for high quality content. Here is some information on rank up bonuses.

2. Can another adult in the household join Toluna?

Yes, members of the same household can sign up for Toluna.

3. Do we get a notification when our points are about to expire?

There will be a reminder, on the My Points page, to let you know how many points are expiring and when.

4. Do you get any points for answering user created polls/topics?

We do not give out rank up points for members answering other member’s content.

5. How do you get chosen to Test Products? I have signed up for several but never get chosen

Product testers are chosen at random, and also based on demographics that our clients are looking for. These are very popular and we have limited quantities. Please be patient with us for this option.

6. How often are these webinars? If already attend, can we attend again?

These webinars are offered every few months. We encourage members to attend all webinars, since we do give you a lot of information.

More information and Q&A blogs from past webinar sessions: May February January | December | November | October

Toluna is on Pinterest!

Hello members,


That’s right, we’re on Pinterest! To become a part of our growing Pinterest network, and to receive updates and insights into exciting happenings here at Toluna, please be sure to follow us here.

Think of Pinterest as your one stop shop for everything Toluna. Our page showcases everything Toluna including test products, to the latest contest, and everything we post on our other social media accounts.

We will also be presenting you with opportunities to be a part of EXCLUSIVE contests and giveaways. (Stay tuned for one coming VERY soon!)

Let us know if you have a blog, and wrote about Toluna! We would love to feature you on our community Pinterest board.

See you soon!

The Toluna Team

Haven’t heard of Pinterest? Click here to find out more.

Additional Sessions for the Toluna Beginners Webinar!

Dear members,

Thanks again for your interest in our Toluna Beginners Webinar. We received an overwhelming number of registrants for Thursday’s session, and due to space restrictions, we are opening up 2 more sessions to ensure that everyone can attend.

toluna webinar

In the event that we exceed our space limit and you are unable to join the session on Thursday November 6th at 2pm, or if you would prefer to attend our webinar at a later time, here are two additional options for your consideration:

  1. Thursday, November 6th, at 3pm EST (Register here)
  2. Friday, November 7th, at 2pm EST (Register here)

If you unfortunately cannot make it to any of these 3 sessions, not to worry!  We will be holding additional Beginner’s Webinar sessions soon, and will post an update to our blog with the time and date information.

Thank you for your understanding,


Toluna Team

Title: New Changes to the Community Spotlight Contest

Good afternoon members,


For the past 8 months, we held a weekly contest where you and your fellow community members submitted your content for a chance to be chosen as our weekly featured member, and receive 5,000 bonus points credited to your Toluna account.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated during these last 8 months, making our Community Spotlight a fun and insightful event each week! 

With that said, we are bidding farewell to our current Community Spotlight, and next week will announce a new and improved weekly feature, and this will be the last week where we have an open submission form on our Toluna Team account.

Details about our new feature will be announced next week, but in the meantime, if you would like to participate in our final Community Spotlight, please submit the URL link or Title of your Topic, Thumb-It, Poll, or Battle on our topic here.

We will continue to lookout for your exciting, funny, and thought-provoking topics, polls, battles and thumb-its as we unveil our new weekly feature, so please keep on posting, and stay tuned for new contest details coming soon!


See you soon,

The Toluna Team


Community Spotlight: Who would win, Batman or Superman?

Dear Members,

Welcome to our community spotlight feature*.  This week we decided to switch it up and pick a fun topic. Halloween is on the way and we know how many people choose to be their favorite superhero for the occasion. So, with that in mind, we chose  ManicMomDay1302’s battle and she wants to know what you think: “Who would win, Batman or Superman?”


Cast your vote on this battle here.

To follow up with this battle, we at Toluna would like to know what you are planning to be for Halloween. Let us know in our topic here.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team


TO ENTER THIS WEEKLY CONTEST: *As a reminder, each week, the Toluna team searches the site for the weeks most popular or intriguing member content, and will share that information with the community, right here on our blog.  The “Featured User” we select will get a special 5,000 point bonus applied to their account for providing us with our weekly spotlight.

To be considered for next week’s community spotlight, post a link or title to your poll, opinion, thumb it or battle on the TolunaTeam topic here.  If selected, we will contact you via email, and will post a message on your Wall so all of your followers and friends will know that you are a Featured Toluna User.

For more information about Community Spotlight click this link