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Goodbye Gifties Contest

Hello Everyone,
Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and so Toluna has decided it’s time to retire our Gifties program. However, we are not looking at it with sadness but with excitement for the new things to come!
To celebrate the removal of Gifties from the Rewards Centre, we have come up with a little game that we hope you’ll enjoy.
Through the month of September, Gifties will be slowly deactivated. Each time a bundle of Gifties is deactivated, the Toluna Team will post a topic inviting you to name the removed Gifties. If you name them all correctly, you’ll be one of 10 winners. Stay tuned, as a new topic can open at any time!
So, what will you win?
For each topic, the first 10 members to answer correctly will receive 1000 points each.

On top of that, at the end of the month, the 3 members who answered correctly the most often will also receive a surprise prize!
The first topic will be posted on Wednesday, 7th September. Follow the Toluna Team and keep an eye on your notifications!


*This contest starts on 7th September and ends on 2nd October. Overall winners will be announced during the first week of October.