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How much do you love pizza?

Pizza sneakers. You definitely read that right. Because, why not?

These glorious cheesy creations are going to be auctioned off starting at $275 and proceeds donated to womenwin.org, an organization that empowers gender equality through sports.

Would you purchase this pepperoni perfection if it was for a good cause? As much as I love my pizza, I don’t think I would be able to rock these. Love the fact that it’s going to charity, but then I would be left with pizza sneakers…. and the only pizza I want to have is one that I can eat.

What about you? Get in on the conversation and see what other Toluna Influencers are saying!

Share what makes you happy with Toluna, and win up to 10,000 points!

Hello members,

We have a very special announcement! One Toluna employee from our Timișoara, Romania office is doing a 10-week long bicycle ride through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran. While on his ride, people will be able to purchase days and donate money to Silviu’s ride that will all benefit charity. If you would like to follow Silviu’s journey, check out his trip’s Facebook page here.

In honor of Silviu’s long voyage ahead and charity, we are hosting a very special contest in which you could win up to 10,000 points! Simply share what makes you happy, in one sentence!

Here’s how you can participate on Toluna.com, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter from April 13 – April 27.


  • Participate in our Topic contest here, and tell us what makes you happy – in one sentence!
  • All members who participate will receive 100 points, and 3 members will win 1,000 points each!
  • 3 Grand Prize Winners globally will also win hand-drawn sketches from Silviu himself from the road

On Facebook:

  • Like our Facebook page “Toluna” and tell us on our post here what makes you happy – in one sentence!
  • 3 lucky winners will win 5,000 points each!

On Twitter and Instagram:

  • If you enter via Twitter, follow @Toluna
  • If you enter via Instagram, follow @Toluna
  • Take a photo of what makes you happy and tag it with#TolunaHappinessProject
  • One winner from Twitter, and one winner from Instagram will win 10,000 points each!

See you soon on the site,

The Toluna Team

*Promotion Rules: Winners will be selected at random by May 12 2015 at 5pm EST and must follow directions of the contest. The member must have a Toluna.com account or be willing to create an account to receive the points.  Points will be awarded to winners within 15 days after the contest has ended and will be uploaded directly to user’s accounts. Members participating on Toluna.com will be notified by email that they have won, members participating on Facebook will be notified by private message that they have won to confirm their Toluna usernames, and winners on Instagram and Twitter will also be notified on their respective Instagram and Twitter profiles that they have won.  Posts must not contain any language that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libellous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above

Name A Gifties Contest Updates

Hello members,

Thank you to everyone for their suggestions on the first part of our October, Name the Next Giftie contest!  We’ve reviewed all 350 suggestions, and have chosen our top five for you to vote on.  Please check out the poll here, and cast your vote today! Voting for the next Giftie ends Monday October 27th.


We will announce the winning Giftie suggestion to the Toluna Community on Friday, October 30th!.

Just as a reminder, the member who made the winning suggestion will be awarded 15,000 points and will see the Gifties added to the catalog by Monday November 3rd, 2014!!  For official contest rules and details, click here.

Thanks again to everyone for participating!

Good luck,
The Toluna Team

*Terms and Conditions: Promotion is open to US residents only, age 13 or older.  All Giftie suggestions and posts to the assigned Toluna Team topic must adhere to the Toluna Member Code of Conduct,and must not include any language that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above. Inappropriate posts will be removed, and posts that violate any Toluna terms will be removed, and the member’s account will be subject to closure, and all points will be forfeited.  Giftie suggestions will be accepted through Friday, October 17th, and members will have the opportunity to vote on the five (5) top choices, as selected by the Toluna team. The top five (5) ideas and members who provided them will be announced by 5 PM EST on Monday, October 20thd.The member with the final winning suggestion will also be notified via email, and the 15,000 points will be awarded to the winner no later than Monday November 3rd, 2014. In the event the winning Giftie was suggested by multiple members, we will award each member 5,000 points.

Community Spotlight: Helping Others

Dear Members,

Welcome to our community spotlight feature*.  This week we chose NClady71’s topic asking “You are given the opportunity to help someone. By choice, who would you help?”

comm spot

NClady71 brings up a very interesting topic; there are so many charities and organizations in our world that provide us a way to help out our communities. Many respondents said they would help children, the homeless, and veterans. Here are some other responses:


Jatavionshealey:  yes of course. Everyone has their own struggle, so a helping hand is what everyone deserves

cristalee2001: all the people i could everybody needs help sometime. 😉

jeni1978: i would help children, the elderly and those not able to care for themselves

meme772: I would help single mothers, help with their self esteem and reinforce that our heavenly father cares and is just waiting for his help show him love and praise for what he has already done

NMCB3299: I would help disadvantaged children. Every Christmas I donate something for Toys for Tots because I know that it goes to help make a poor child’s Christmas more cheerful


A big thank you goes out to our Featured User, NClady71’s, for inspiring this week’s spotlight, as well as, to all of her topic’s contributors. Feel free to join in the conversation and commenting on the topic here.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

*As a reminder, each week, the Toluna team searches the site for the weeks most popular or intriguing member content, and will share that information with the community, right here on our blog.  The “Featured User” we select will get a special 5,000 point bonus applied to their account for providing us with our weekly spotlight.

To be considered for next week’s community spotlight, post a link or title to your poll, opinion, thumb it or battle on the TolunaTeam topic here.  If selected, we will contact you via email, and will post a message on your Wall so all of your followers and friends will know that you are a Featured Toluna User.

For more information about Community Spotlight click this link