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Thank you for helping us choose our 20th anniversary logo!

New logo
Dear Influencers,

A few days ago, we asked all of our global communities to help us choose our special edition logo for Toluna’s 20th anniversary.

Thank you for giving us your valuable opinion! With your insights and our own internal vote, we collectively decided to choose the logo above to celebrate our 20th birthday with you.

We are planning some amazing initiatives for you coming up very soon, stay in touch to discover them all!

We also would like to thank all the members who designed their own version of the logo, you are a bunch of talented people! We will make sure to highlight the best ones in our April magazine.

Keep influencing Your World,
Toluna Team

#WeAsk | COVID-19 How concerned are you about the new outbreak of the Coronavirus?


Happy Friday Influencers!

We’ve all been affected by these uncertain times, but we can get through this, together. We asked our influencer communities to get their feedback on how they feel about their current situation in the following countries: United States, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico & Peru and have some interesting data to reveal.

Something we found intriguing was 50% of our American & Canadian influencers either had plans for the cinema, gym or social gatherings and due to COVID-19, they had to cancel their plans.

What do you think about the results we gathered? What plans did you look forward to that you had to either cancel or postpone?

To see post in the US community, click here!

To see post in the CA community, click here!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


The March Magazine is here!

Hello Influencers!

The March Magazine is here! This magazine is a special edition one, so the typical things you would find are a bit different this time. But don’t worry you can still find out some pretty cool things that are happening in the community. Celebrate Women’s History Month with us and check out our magazine that has contests where you have the chance to win 10,000 points! You can find it in the bookshelf or in your email, but here is the link to check out this month’s issue.


Hope you enjoy it & we want to know what you think – let us know in the comments!

US magazine: click here

CA magazine: click here!


The February Toluna Magazine is here!

Hello Influencers!

Happy Wednesday! The February Magazine is here. Find out what’s going on in the Toluna community, a limited time contest, Luna’s List contest winners, what #TolunaWins is, and more!

Hope you enjoy this issue & let us know what you think on the Toluna community posts.


US Topic: click here! | US Mag: click here!

CA Topic: click here! |CA Mag: click here! 


Join us in raising funds for Australia’s bushfire relief effort

Hello everyone,

We have been saddened by the devastating bushfires burning throughout Australia in recent months. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected, who face a long road ahead as their homes and communities get rebuilt. We want to send our love and support in any way possible, and the great thing about the Toluna community is that we can join forces across countries and contribute to help those in this crisis.

In the Rewards Center you will find a donation option for Australian Red Cross, through which you can donate 1,000 or more points – and you can donate as often as you like. Toluna will then match every donation that you make, aiming to reach 100K AUD together.

Every week we will send the total donated amount globally (in Australian dollars) to Australian Red Cross. We’ll keep you updated with an official Red Cross link, so you can keep track of what we’ve donated together.

We also encourage you to spread the word on Toluna by posting about your donation. Be sure to include #TolunaLovesAustralia in the title of your posts, so that we can find them easily.

Check out our video here: click here!

Thank you for your support and generosity,
Toluna Team

Please read: Beware of “Toluna” Email Scam!

Hello Influencers!

It has come to our attention that a fraudulent email has been circulating using Toluna’s name and logo, asking recipients if they would like to be a part of the Toluna Quick Survey Program. If they were chosen, they would receive secret shoppers’ assignments and a check to be deposited for the “study”.

Please be advised that this email is NOT from Toluna, nor are the senders associated with our organization. This is a fraudulent attempt to collect information from the recipients, and the check is not valid. As always, Toluna will never ask for your banking information, nor require you to issue a payment to us in any way.

We have included an image of the email that one of our member’s received below. If you or someone you know receives this email, DO NOT try to deposit the check. Instead, please contact us to let us know when you received the email and the check. If possible please provide images of the email & check, as well as the sender’s information.

Toluna will continue to monitor the situation and do what we can to prevent this scam from spreading. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank You,

Toluna Team

January Magazine is here!

Hello Influencers!

The January Magazine is here! You can find it in the bookshelf or in your email, but here is the link to check out this month’s issue. Check out what’s going on in the Toluna community, what Luna’s List is, contest winners, what #TolunaWins is, and more!

Check out your communities magazine below. Hope you enjoy it!18

US magazine, click here!

CA magazine: click here!

Cheers to the New Year!


December Magazine is out!

Hello Influencers!

The December Magazine is here! You can find it in the bookshelf or in your email, but below also have the links to check out this month’s issue. Check out what’s going on in the Toluna community, the #HolidayPlaylist contest, what #TolunaWins is, and more!

Check out your communities magazine below. Hope you enjoy it!

Both - for website

US magazine, click here!

CA magazine: click here!

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Song Contest!

Hi there Influencers!

Can you believe its already December 3rd? The holidays are coming – candy canes, crisp air, snowfall, hot coco, pine trees, candles and more! Are you ready to get in the spirit?

We’re creating a holiday playlist for our December magazine and want you to be part of it! Comment on your community’s topic and tell us about your favorite holiday song is & why in at least 5 lines. The winners will be chosen randomly for the magazine but the winners will receive 2,000 points!

Rules to enter:
– Comment on our topic
– Tell us your favorite holiday song & why its your fave in at least 5 lines
– You have until Friday, December 6th to enter

US community topic, click here!

CA community topic, click here!


December Movie Results are in – share your review!

Hello Influencers!

You voted and we got the results! The movie up for review this month is……

For the US community, Elf! Click here to share your review.

For the CA community, Home Alone! Click here to share your review.

Want to know how to participate to possibly earn up to a total of 6,000 points?

1- Write a review for the selected movie that is at least 125 words which is about 7 lines in a paragraph

2- Post the review in a comment to this topic

3- If you write a review that is at least 125 words, we will give you 1,000 points to your account *

4- Check out the upcoming Toluna Magazine, the December issue and see if you got featured in the pages! If you got featured you will get an extra 5,000 points!

You have until December 6th to submit your review. Let the Movie Club Begin!

*Note- you will get your points after the magazine for December is released