The biggest differences start with small changes

Dear Influencers,

As we reflect on deforestation over the coming weeks, it’s important to remember that big differences start with small changes – ones that we can make at the push of a button and from the comfort of our own home.

Our latest reward options for planting a tree in Peru, Thailand or Uganda may seem a long way from our own homes, however the changes your donation could bring about are a lot closer than you think.

If 1,510 of us donate our points to plant a tree each, it would help out the equivalent of 26 families in these local communities and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. That’s 26 families like yours and ours helped…without even having to move from our own homes.

The best part is that when you redeem your tree, you’ll be able to track its progress live online and see the impact your gesture has had.

Will you join us in donating a small portion of points this month for the greater good?

One world, one fate – donate a seed, it’s the change we need.

Toluna Team

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