One world, one fate – are you ready?

Dear Influencers,

Did you know that the world’s forests are deteriorating at an alarming rate? By 2100, it could be too late. They are not only the Earth’s lifeline, but ours too. Together, we can restore them to secure future generation’s access to food, clean air, jobs and ultimately – to rebuild our Earth.

Last year, we donated 10,000 trees to the Amazon rainforest and this year we are expanding our reach to 3 more forests – Peru, Thailand, and Uganda. Even though we may seem far from these other countries, we are one planet and only together can we make a change to assist our collective home. We want to share with you some background information on why these forests are so important and more information about our partner, EcoMatcher.

Peru has its own share of the Amazon rainforest, which is not only the world’s largest rainforest, but it plays an essential part in controlling the world’s oxygen levels and carbon cycles. We have partnered with Plant Your Future, which is a non-profit organization concentrating on planting trees in Peru.

In Thailand, our partner, Conserve Natural Forests, has two goals – to protect the ecosystems and to reverse climate change which is a global problem. In Thailand, the tropical forest has declined between 35-50% and if this continues, the loss of biodiversity on the ecosystem would be drastic and devastating with much more CO2 released than we want.

Over in Uganda, we’ve teamed up with Tree Adoption Uganda, who want to help create communities around nature. They help educate unemployed people in the area how to grow trees and manage tree farms as well as nurseries. They have worked with 500 households and have planted over 60,000 trees and they have trained around 1,500 people on how to maintain a tree farm. In addition, they educate younger generations about the environment.

These 3 new rewards on the Toluna community are small steps to helping shape a better future for all of us. Help our world by planting a tree and saving our planet. Plus, through Ecomatcher, each tree can be tracked using satellite maps; you will even will know the farmer who planted the tree!

Donate a tree today here!

Toluna Team

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