Who is a fan of Halloween? If you are, then this week will be tons of fun for you. A few days this week we’ll be asking you to create a topic with the hashtag #BestPumpkins and share an image from the present or past that goes along with our theme for that day. Some of our topics will require your own picture & others will not, but it will be noted in the topic.

Are you ready? Today’s theme is the best pumpkins. We want to see your best pumpkin you’ve ever designed – carved or painted, let’s see it! 5 random winners will receive 5,000 points! Required to have your own pic to enter.

Rules to enter:
– Create your own topic with the hashtag #BestPumpkins
– Must be at least 3 lines
– Picture must be of your own pumpkin
– Have until 11/3 to enter

Link to US community: click here!

Link to CA community: click here! 


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