Treasure Hunt; Riddle 3

Have you started our treasure hunt yet?

You can find the first riddle in our March Magazine:

Our second riddle may already be on the website! Have you found it yet?

What do you have to do to participate in the hunt?

1. Figure out the riddle.
2. Create a TOPIC with the answer of your riddle in the title
3. Repeat! We will have 5 riddles in total

Once you have all 5 riddles, and 5 topics created, take the First Letter Each Answer to create the Treasured Key Word! (example: FLEA) Once you have this treasured key word, create a topic around that word and make sure you use it in the title!

If you get all 5 riddles (and create 6 topics in total) correct, you will earn 10,000 points!

If you get 5 riddles (and create 5 topics in total) correct, you will earn 3,000 points!

If you get 1-4 riddles (and create 1-4 topics in total) correct, you will earn 1,000 points!

We will place our riddles anywhere from on the website, blog, Facebook, Instagram and more! Look around this whole week to find all 5 riddles!

Here is your 3rd riddle:
You can run but cannot walk. You have a mouth but cannot talk. You have a head but never weep and have a bed but never sleep. What are you?

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**Promotion Rules: Treasure Hunt is only available for US and CA members. You must create a TOPIC using the answer of each riddle in the title in order to earn credit.


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