How to Create Engaging Content and Earn Bonus Points

Hello Influencers,

The new year will be here before you know it and we’re here to help our wonderful Influencers learn more about earning those coveted bonus points just for creating top-notch content in the community!

The Toluna Team scours the community every single day for the absolute best posts that really get our brains thinking! When we see this super awesome content, we give you some bonus points. Who doesn’t like earning extra points just for having an interesting conversation?

I know you may be wondering… what exactly constitutes as engaging content? We are here to give you some top tips!

How to Create Engaging Content:

  1. Content should be thought-provoking and induce a conversation among one another. Is it a trending news topic? Is it a life long mystery of the world? If it is a question that makes you really think – then post it!
  2. It must be a Poll or Topic. As much as we love our Thumbs and Battles, we will no longer be giving bonus points to that type of content. We want to know your thoughts so we will only be rewarding content that includes a written response.
  3.  Include a picture or video in your post to make it look more appealing. That “wow” factor can go a long way from pushing your content from the “recent” to “popular” section of our site.

If your content meets these requirements, we’ll give it a “rank up” meaning it will appear in the popular stream, and you will also receive bonus points for this. It can be anywhere from 100-1000 points. You will also receive a written notification on your wall like the one below letting you know that you received this bonus.

bonus points

We also are looking for fantastic OPINIONS left on other’s topics. Yep, you read that correctly…. you can even earn bonus points for leaving a thoughtful response to someone else’s question.

Are you ready to see some examples of posts we think knocked it out of the park?

Example 1:quality content

Example 2: topic

Example 3:
topic 2

We hope this helps when you are creating your next piece of content on the site or on the mobile app! We look forward to seeing what you create in the community.

See you soon on the site!
The Toluna Team


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