Toluna Treasure Hunt – Canada Only

Hello Canadian Influencers!

We really hope you’re ready to go on a weeklong adventure since we’ve got a very nice thing prepared for you!

The Toluna Treasure Hunt Contest will take place between the 1st and the 8th of August for the Canadian Community.


Between those dates, be sure to keep your eyes out on, on the Blog, on Facebook, or on Instagram as we are going to leave little hints and clues. Follow the clues, gather all of them, and at the end you may end up winning up to 10.000 points!

As such, during the next 7 days you will be able to find four clues posted in our communications (be it on the website, blog, or social media). Follow the clues, and then, in the final day of the contest you will have a certain amount of time to add your participation to a secret Toluna topic.

The first person to post the correct answer having followed all of our clues will get 10.000 points

The 2nd person to post will get 5.000 points

The 3rd person to post will get 1.000 points

And then all of the other people who participate within the allotted time will get 500 points.


Timeframe of the contest:

3rd of August – 1st hint

4th of August – 2nd hint

6th of August – 3rd hint

7th of August – 4th hint, and final post to secret topic between 1PM-11.59PM

8th of August – Crediting winning members

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