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Dear Influencers,

Your happiness is key to us and we always strive to do our utmost to ensure your Toluna experience is enjoyable. Over the last year, as you may have noticed, we have been making quite a few changes. We are trying new things to create a better experience for you. With each new feature, we have eagerly awaited your feedback and taken it into to make sure ensure your satisfaction.

Thanks to this new approach, we are constantly identifying areas of improvement and will continue to do so during the upcoming months.

US Members Only:

Starting today we are excited to announce a brand-new daily Toluna lottery! Drum roll please…

Who wants to be a Toluna Millionaire?

Yes! You read that right! We will be giving one lucky Influencer 1,000,000 Toluna points every single day!

How will this work?

  • Simply continue to answer our surveys to collect sweepstake entries*
  • The more entries you have, the more chances to win (if you would like to top up, you can also purchase extra sweepstake entries from our rewards centre)
  • There is no limit to the number of sweepstakes entries you can collect.

This new method will allow us to reward our most active and loyal influencers on a daily basis. 

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How often will the winners be announced?

  • The winners will be announced every work day
  • Weekend winners will be announced on Monday along with the winner of that day

How can we be sure that only the most active influencers will be selected?

  • Winners must have answered at least 1 survey in the 30 days preceding the draw
  • Winners must be active in the community and have created content in the last 30 days (including but not limited to topics, polls or comments) – this allows more transparency as the winners will be users that are known in the community
  • Users must have a profile picture

*Sweepstake entries are only valid during the month of the draw. This means that the tickets you win in June can only allow you to win in June. Entries expire at the end of each month so to qualify for the following month, you must have earned at least 1 ticket during said month.

Winners will be drawn randomly from all existing Toluna communities.

We hope you enjoy participating in this new sweepstakes, we can’t wait to hear more from you!

Canadian Members Only:

In line with this, one change starting this month is that you will no longer receive bonus points when you don’t qualify for surveys. Due to very strict Canadian laws we cannot offer this lottery for you as well, however, we have a new Games section where you can take a break, have fun and earn extra points!


We are still working to improve the Toluna experience and ask for your patience as we look into more interesting ways to reward your loyalty.

Keep Influencing Your World,

The Toluna Team

Keep Influencing Your World,

The Toluna Team


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