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POST UPDATE: Hello Influencers!

Here is a little errata update on the 29th Weekly Lottery- the winners announced were the same one’s as in the 28th week, albeit our system having selected a different group of winners altogether.
We are happy to let everyone know that the correct winners have already been credited with the points afferent to the 29th Weekly Lottery as of the 24th of April.
In what follows you may see the list of the actual 29th Weekly Lottery Winners:

rumanoval CS-CZ

梅子0857 CT-TW

kellner1 DE-AT

captaingunnar DE-DE

jaysblueaus EN-AU

vivlett EN-GB

style4ashna EN-IN

cherries11 EN-NZ

roninbushido EN-SG

pdnr EN-US

vklucy05 EN-US

argm2205 ES-AR

javivaser ES-CO

bcueje ES-ES

Beremonty ES-MX

lolo8206 FR-BE

gudule FR-FR

vickycap IT-IT


chyh2233 KO-KR

along1993 MS-MY

isha1975 NL-NL

anna_kowalska22 PL-PL

junicleinascimento PT-BR

emilycpt72 ZH-HK
Thank you for your understanding!

ORIGINAL POST:  We are pleased to announce the winners of our 29th Weekly Lottery.  Please join us in congratulating the following winners, who have each won 100 EUR! (equivalent in your local currency)

Toluna Weekly Sweepstakes

backfischjaegerx DE-DE
gilliej EN-AU
Ryck30 EN-CA
rosemary-charles EN-GB
saruguru EN-NZ
FollyFooL EN-SG
spainagain EN-US
gimenezbrenda ES-AR
carmentulia ES-CO
estrellastik ES-ES
vivi7 ES-MX
jemvegan FR-BE
gdepublic FR-CH
maydelo FR-FR
zact FR-MA
kapten.gigih ID-ID
alex.soc IT-IT
おおざけのみ JA-JP
dolphinnine KO-KR
w.groenen NL-NL
candid88 PT-BR
romale TH-TH
我喜欢这个社区 ZH-CN
hiuwailin2 ZH-HK

Good luck for next week! To have a chance to win each week, you simply have to continue being active on Toluna. You can get entries from our Rewards Center if you are an US member and by participating in Surveys for CA members.

*To be eligible, you must have started at least 1 survey in the last 14 days AND have created at least 1 piece of content in the last 7 days (we consider content to be topics, polls, battles, thumb it and opinions). You must also have entered a valid PayPal address on your profile.

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