Important Notice About Survey Points

Hello Influencers!

We would like to take a moment of your time in order to inform you about a change in the way in which points will be credited to your account for participating in surveys.

Unfortunately, we have found that some naughty influencers have been trying to fraudulently claim points without actually answering our surveys. As a result, we will now have to audit all points being distributed to identify the fraudulent members and ensure that our loyal influencers are not being negatively impacted.

That being said, we will have to temporarily stop the automatic crediting of points until further notice. This means that starting this week, we will be crediting points for surveys worth up to 2,500 points weekly instead of daily.

Don’t worry, we will have it back up as soon as we can!

To the vast majority of Community members who do the right thing, we sincerely apologize for no longer being able to immediately verify and allocate survey points earned.

Rest assured this is a temporary measure, while we identify the fraudulent members and proceed towards closing all and any loopholes that said fraudulent members have been taking advantage of.

Lastly, we’d like to once again reinforce the idea that we take your contribution in our community and your account security very seriously, which is why, and solely based on our wish to protect you we had to take this temporary measure.

Thanks for your loyalty and understanding,

The Toluna Team

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