Toluna Interview Episode 4 – Post Takeover

Hello Influencers!

Today our amazing member Celina has taken over and is doing the 4th episode of the Toluna interview.

This is done in a very different way this month, as she has written an entire story about her Toluna Expedience. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about it and getting to know her and her amazing and cool family!

“How I got to know Toluna was through other survey companies that I spend some of my time on as well. I clicked on the Toluna website and started doing surveys right away. Toluna gave me a lot of insights on all other users, (which was kind of weird because most survey companies usually just give you what needs to be done) and made me want to read up on more of Toluna.


There was this one time I when was doing one of the Toluna surveys, it made me smile because they didn’t only need my time, they needed my child’s opinion as well. I got to do the survey with my daughter and was left with a smile.

After my daughter and I were done, she felt that she made a difference just by helping me fill it in; which of course made me feel that I made a difference. We were both happy from helping one another. She was even more happy, just because she helped.

Although I am new to Toluna, I would love to make friends, but at this time, I only have the friends that I followed among the Toluna members, and members that I know in and around my area. I have been referring a lot of friends to be members and some are members now.

I am just glad I was able to help with a little bit of good advice on the best survey panels.

The one word that I can think of about Toluna is INSPIRING!  I know that I will be involved with Toluna in the future because I love doing surveys in my free time and I like how Toluna is so involved with real people that are out in the world.

I love reading the Toluna Magazine the most. I think I would like to see more magazines, rather than just two a month, maybe three or four the most. I like to think we (the people) help with the companies that need a little bit of help from influencers in the world. The best perk is the gifts we get from our help.

The one thing I would want to ask Toluna is if Toluna will be around 10 years from now? and will you be as active as you are now with your subscribers?”

Yes, Celina, Toluna certainly want to be around 10 years from now and we will do everything we can to make Toluna even more brilliant than it is today, and we will only be able to do this together with the help of our super cool Influencers, such as yourself.

Thank you for being part of the Toluna Interview and we’re looking forward to having all of our readers participate in the 5th episode which has already been launched!

Influence your world,

The Toluna Team


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