My Country Does It Better! – Mission 2

Hello Tolunians and contest enthusiasts alike!

The Contest is still running and we’re really looking forward to see which country will win! Who does it best? If you want to represent your country, in this battle of the greats, participate in our second mission!

Name a person (fictional or real) that best represents your country? Why?

♣ Create a Topic with your contribution
♣ Add the letters « DIB » in front of the title (e.g.: DIB – The best person to represent my country is…)
♣ Complete the mission by 11th March at 23h59

Remember: By joining My Country Does It Better competition, you can earn 3000 points each week and a 10$ voucher at the end!


Canada Does It Better (1)      Canada Does It Better


The Toluna Team

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