Winter Survey Olympics – Winners announced

Hello influencers!

It’s been a great period for everyone during these past couple of week! The Olympics have kept us glued to the screens and we’re cheered and cried for our favorite athletes.

But then there’s also you, super survey athletes! Your  dedication and participation has helped all of you to get closer and closer to snatching the three medals we’ve had and with no further ado, here are the Toluna Winter Survey Olympic Medalists!


xberrykid Gold Medal 20,000 pts
stevepuzz23 Silver Medal 15,000 pts
mariajanicki Bronze Medal 10,000 pts


naomiiirose Gold Medal 20,000 pts
janc6768 Silver Medal 15,000 pts
neela05 Bronze Medal 10,000 pts

The points will be added to the accounts of the winning members no later than tomorrow, February 27th.

Congratulations and stay tuned for more initiatives!

Toluna Team


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