Weekly Lottery

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 19th Weekly Lottery.  Please join us in congratulating the following winners, who have each won 100 EUR!

Toluna Weekly Sweepstakes

3xMäuschen DE-DE
Sampler EN-AU
Mags0 EN-GB
luie46 EN-IE
M6735756 EN-IN
LyndonGaring EN-PH
karrelldan.britz699 EN-US
maggs28 EN-ZA
G8917815 ES-CL
danimercader ES-ES
A4016195 ES-MX
aliseelle FI-FI
yaisna FR-FR
darica HU-HU
leoncina92 IT-IT
Annachten1 NL-BE
Zappafan NL-NL
rolowanie1 PL-PL
anako.808 PT-PT
wizelda SV-SE
Pateep2505 TH-TH
Alligatorr TR-TR
whiteandfakerdi ZH-CN
Arshing ZH-HK
BrendaEltvik NO-NO

Good luck for next week! To have a chance to win each week, you simply have to continue being active on Toluna. You can get entries from our Rewards Center if you are an US member and by participating in Surveys for CA members.

*To be eligible, you must have started at least 1 survey in the last 14 days AND have created at least 1 piece of content in the last 7 days (we consider content to be topics, polls, battles, thumb it and opinions). You must also have entered a valid PayPal address on your profile.

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