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Hello Influencers!

If you remember last month we’ve had our first issue of the Toluna Magazine launched and since then we’ve been cooking up way of getting you featured and in the spotlight.

And one of those way is the Toluna Movie Club! You’re going to get the chance of being featured in the magazine on a monthly basis as with every issue we’re going to tackle a new movie.

The rules for this initiative are beyond easy!

Each month we’ll offer you the chance to pick one of four movies, watch it, and then submit a short review about it, post it as a comment in the Movie Club dedicated topic and get a guaranteed 1000 points!

Once you’ve added your review to the topic,  send an email to, to let us know of your participation and we will hastily add the 1000 points to your account.

Be among the top four best reviews and get an extra 5000 points! Even better, you’ll also get featured in the monthly Toluna Magazine!


Vote for the first movie that you’d like to review now! You have 4 options of comedies- the one that gets the most votes until the 15th of February will be the one up for review.

Click here to vote! 

Then between the 16th of February and the 28th you’ll have time to post your review.

Stay tuned for the creation of the Review Submission Topic on

The Toluna Team

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