Hello Influencers!

We’ve been telling you just how much we appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us, be it by creating content, or by participating in our surveys. And for this, we’d like to share with you our newest initiative.

You like sharing your thoughts? Brilliant, we love listening to them! We’re launching today the monthly Toluna Interview contest. There’s 10.000 points in store for you!


If you want to participate simply post your opinion to one of the two topics below giving us two reasons as to why we should pick you to be interviewed. Every valid opinion will get 500 points. If you get selected we will reach out to you directly, and after you’ve finished the interview, we will publish it on our website, together with a picture of you, and then credit your account with a whopping 10.000 points! 

This contest will be held every month. The first interview will be published in December and will feature one US and one Canadian member.

US members submit your opinion here:

Canada members submit your opinion here:


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