Toluna Weekly Lottery – 8-14 October 2017

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2nd Weekly Lottery, for the week of 8-14 October 2017. Please join us in congratulating the following winners, who have each won 100 EUR!

Toluna Weekly Sweepstakes

normangraphik FR-FR
Laptiterobenoire FR-FR
FrenchDawn FR-FR
sa880414 HU-HU
pietro.barbi IT-IT
Lamiadesy IT-IT
Michelangelo1988 IT-IT
Aneres IT-IT
Kim1981 NL-NL
gvmanen NL-NL
Blueblury@.@ NL-NL
nine456 NL-NL
thung7356 NO-NO
jarek_sad PL-PL
emi.szyn1 PL-PL

Good luck for next week!

To have a chance to win each week, you simply have to continue being active on Toluna. You can get entries from our Rewards Center if you are an US member and by participating in Surveys for CA members.


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