Weekend Contest on School Supplies Update.

Hey everyone!

Let us start by saying just how amazing and eloquent you all are! The contest was a success and it has collectively generated more than 800 different opinions.

We loved going through them and seeing just how passionate you all are about education and the chances kids get towards having a great life.

All members have been credited with the promised 500 points for participation!Weekend Opinions COntest

Furthermore, BigOreo and Pdnr are our lucky 5000 points winners. Their opinions gathered the most likes!

Once again, and from a personal standpoint, I’m so happy to see how much you’ve all engaged with this. You had amazingly touching opinions, brilliantly argumented economic opinions, pretty much all aspects of education were covered.

This is another reason why the Toluna.com community is splendid! Your opinion does matter!

Moving forward there will be more “food for thought” weekend opinion contests. Looking forward to read all of them!

Stay tuned, and stay curios!



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