Rewards Processed September 15th Update

Hello everyone,

We’re writing this post to let you know that the rewards processed on the 15th of September have been uploaded with a slight glitch in the code. This means that whenever you tried accessing them you would be re-routed to your account settings page.

With that said, we are very happy to let you know that the codes have been re-uploaded and the matter should, by now, have been fixed.

As such, you may now try accessing your reward and enjoy it at your own leisure. Keep in mind that, in order for the new codes to be displayed, please do a clear sweep of your browser associated files (simply press ctrl+shift+delete), then log in to your Toluna account and get your reward.

Should this not work for you, do get in touch with our help desk, and make sure you submit a screenshot of the error- this will greatly expedite the process and allow our help desk team to escalate the matter with top priority.

Thank you so much for being active members and for your understanding.


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