Topic of the Week – December 20, 2016

Hello Members,

We want to thank everyone who participated in this week’s Topic of the Week contest! This will be the last Topic of the Week for the remainder of the year! Thank you to everyone who has participated in this weekly promotion!

Topic of the week.png

Our winners this week are:

1  pdnr from the United States with the topic: If a trusted researcher offered to pay you to let them see what you’ve done on your phone for the last two weeks, what would they see you spent the most time doing?



2 Ryck30 from Canada with the topic : Christmas tree is yours real or artificial ?



Keep up the great content and you could be next week’s winners!

How does it work?

  1. Create any topic (the more the merrier).
  2. Have your friends comment on your topic.
  3. The 2 members (one winner from Canada and one from the United States) who have the most comments on any of their topic’s for the week will receive 5,000 points!


Be sure to post interesting topics your friends will want to comment on! Each week we will see who has the most comments on their topics and they will win 5,000 points!

See you on the site,
The Toluna Team

Ground Rules: Open to US and CA members only.  Every Tuesday in November, the members who have the most comments on their topic will be selected -One winner will be selected from each the US and Canada to win 5,000 points.  Winners will be chosen by who has the most comments on any of their topics.  Eligible posts must be in compliance with the Toluna Member Code of Conduct. Topic of the Week winners will be announced within 1 week from launch of the blog post, and bonus points credited to member accounts via direct credit.

Don’t forget to check out our Member of the Week on Thursdays, and check out our blog post with tips on how you can create top quality content here, and try for your chance to earn extra points and content bonuses!

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