Weekend Rewards and Raley’s Gift Cards

Hello members,

We’re running a special promotion, and for this weekend only, we’ll be adding a $5 e-Gift Card option for Amazon, Starbucks and Target!  These gift cards are in limited supply, and will be issued on a first come-first served basis only*.  Head over the Rewards Center this weekend for your chance to redeem 15,000 points and pick up one of these rewards before they’re gone!

Now for our California and northern Nevada residents**, just for you we’ve added a $5 Raley’s Gift Card.  Raley’s Gift Cards are a physical gift card that can be used at all Raley’s, Bel Air or Nob Hill Food stores. These gift cards will be mailed out to the address listed in your account within 2 weeks, so make sure your account is up to date before requesting!


Head over to the Rewards Center to take advantage of our limited $5 rewards, and stay tuned for more reward updates coming soon!

Have a great weekend!
The Toluna Team


*$5 Amazon, Target and Starbucks e-Gift cards will be available while inventory lasts, and will be issued in the order requests are submitted.  Should requests exceed available inventory, we will cancel any unfulfilled requests and return the points to your account so you may select an alternate reward.

**Raley’s Gift Cards are available for residents of California and Nevada only- where Raley’s, Nob Hill and Bel Air stores are located.  To prevent loss of points to members where Raley’s cards cannot be used, requests made by members outside these states will be cancelled and points returned to their accounts.

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