Toluna Beginner’s Webinar Q&A – April 13, 2016

Good afternoon members,


Thank you to those members who attended our webinar on April 13, 2016. As promised, I have answered all of your questions here. If you missed this one, don’t worry! We will hold another in a few months. Stay tuned for details.

Can you enter the Wednesday theme contest more than once?

Yes, you can make as many pieces of content as you would like for any contest. We will, however, only reward for one of your entries.

Does answering other members’ content help us or them receive a rank up bonus?

Answering other content does not earn you rank up points. Content creation will help you to receive points.

How long does it take to receive PayPal payment?

Paypal payments are usually sent within 2 weeks of your request date for the US and Canada.

How long has Toluna been around?

Toluna has been around for 15 years 🙂

I was wondering about the story post for April?

Here is the April Storytelling contest info.

Is there any way to edit your own content after posted?

You can only modify content by choosing to “close” your content. If you need to have something deleted, please alert the helpdesk.

What can be done if you are in the middle of a survey and it just stops/disconnects and you can’t get back in to finish?

In the unfortunate event that this happens, please contact our help desk, and include the survey ID # which can be found from the survey email, or going into “My Surveys” section

If you share content you’ve created on your social media accounts is your own referral link included with the post?

Yes, the content link will be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

I have created content and complete a survey and have not received any points for using the app.

We usually reward app bonuses once per month.

Do we get notified via email if we win sweepstakes?

Yes, you will be notified via email if you are a sweepstakes winner.

Did you say that points can expire?

Yes, points expire one year after they are earned. For example: if you earn 1000 points April 13, 2016, they will expire on April 13, 2017.

Can you have multiple accounts with the same address? like, could my husband make an account?

You can have accounts with the same mailing address yes. You can have up to 3 people per household.

Can you cash out your points for a cheque in Canada?

We do not offer checks for Canada at this time.

Will sweepstakes become available for Canadian members?

We are working on it.

Are we allowed to change our profile name?

Yes, you can change your username only once after registration. Go to your account settings.


Thanks again to everyone who attended.

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