Mobile Sweepstakes Winners for March!

Dear members,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our new Mobile sweepstakes by entering your mobile phone number on Toluna:

We are pleased to announce that 10 lucky numbers have been drawn and each user was credited with 100 000 points! They have all received an SMS confirmation.

Make sure to add your correct mobile phone number on Toluna* because who knows? The next winner might just be you!

Please find the list of lucky winners for March (80 Users have won so far!):

  1. carolinamarianne / Chile
  2. yachna79 / India
  3. hiro_maron_1023 / Japan
  4. usenmujgan / Turkey
  5. sdavila112 / United States
  6. mommiesera / New Zealand
  7. DominiqueLummis / South Africa
  8. Viltsumari / Finland
  9. ENYOBA / United Kingdom
  10. flo_himself / Austria

*Toluna will only send a limited number of surveys on mobile to specific users that we believe will qualify.

Congratulations again to all our lucky winners!


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