Toluna Beginner’s Webinar Q&A – Jan 20, 2016

Good afternoon members,


Thank you to those members who attended our webinar on January 20, 2016. As promised, I have answered all of your questions here. If you missed this one, don’t worry! We will hold another in a few months. Stay tuned for details.

Are the only way to earn points are through surveys?

Here are a bunch of ways to earn points on in addition to surveys

Can we get a copy of this webinar if we missed some at the beginning to review?

We do not offer copies of the webinar, however, you can read the Toluna Essentials series which summarizes most of what is covered in the Beginners Webinar. Here is the link.

Do Canadian’s get taxed as well if we earn a certain amount?

No, Canadians do not get taxed on earnings, however it is encouraged that you check your local tax laws.

How long does it take to receive your check or Paypal transfer after you click on rewards?

In the US, checks typically can take up to 6 weeks before they are processed and mailed. Paypal typically takes 1-2 weeks and payments are sent on Mondays for both US and Canada.

How much can you earn before you are taxed?

The law requires Toluna to issue you a 1099 form once you meet or exceed $600 in the US. Always check with your tax professional to find out your tax reporting requirements.

What is the minimum amount of points needed to redeem for something in the rewards center?

In both US and Canada, the lowest point threshold is 18,000 for a gift card, and 100 points for a Giftie.

How often do you hold webinars?

We hold webinars 4-6 times per year. The next one will be in March

Is there a different spot to access your notifications?

The globe icon at the top of is the only place to find notifications. You must login to your account via the website or app to view these notifications.

Why does it take so long to credit surveys to account?

Surveys can be open for several weeks due to the amount of information that needs to be collected.

Will Toluna ever do a point increase or will the point amount be set indefinitely?

Points are set indefinitely until further notice

You may have already answered this but where do we go to find the theme on Wednesday’s?

You can find all contest announcements on our blog (


Thanks again to everyone who attended. See you in March.

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