August 19th Webinar Q&A

Good afternoon members,


Thank you to those members who attended our webinar on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015. As promised, I have answered all of your questions here. If you missed this one, don’t worry! We will hold another in a few months. Stay tuned for details.

1. How do you earn bonus points?

Rank up bonuses are given at the discretion of the Toluna staff. We don’t reward everyone every day. We scour the dashboard looking for high quality content. Here is some information on rank up bonuses.

2. Can another adult in the household join Toluna?

Yes, members of the same household can sign up for Toluna.

3. Do we get a notification when our points are about to expire?

There will be a reminder, on the My Points page, to let you know how many points are expiring and when.

4. Do you get any points for answering user created polls/topics?

We do not give out rank up points for members answering other member’s content.

5. How do you get chosen to Test Products? I have signed up for several but never get chosen

Product testers are chosen at random, and also based on demographics that our clients are looking for. These are very popular and we have limited quantities. Please be patient with us for this option.

6. How often are these webinars? If already attend, can we attend again?

These webinars are offered every few months. We encourage members to attend all webinars, since we do give you a lot of information.

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