Toluna Payment Updates

Good morning members,

Recently, you may have become aware of delays in processing certain payment options, and we want to apologize for this inconvenience, but thank everyone for their patience while we work hard to get back on schedule.

For our US members, specifically, we have been faced with delays processing both checks and Walmart gift cards, but are confident that things will start rolling out within the coming week!  Unfortunately, as a side effect of these delays, we have seen increased demand for our already #1 requested option – – which has prevented us from properly scheduling our next delivery of codes.  In order to avoid the delays members have faced with both checks and Walmart, we are preemptively removing the option from our site to ensure that no additional requests are made before we have the inventory in stock.

All requests made through July 28th have been processed and delivered to member accounts.  If you do have a request pending from today- July 29th, please check your email inbox for instructions regarding cancelling that payment.

For our Canadian members, likewise, you have been faced with processing delays.  We expect new inventory in stock early next week, and will have your payments sent as soon as possible.  If you would like to cancel your pending request however, please email us at and include “Cancel Amazon Request” in your subject line.

Once again, we are very sorry for the delays and inconvenience, and are working hard to get payments back on track.  We appreciate your patience and continued participation.

Thank you,
The Toluna Team


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