April 22nd Webinar Q&A

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Thank you to those members who attended our webinar on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015. As promised, I have answered all of your questions here. If you missed this one, don’t worry! We’re holding another on May 20th. Register here and earn 1000 points for your attendance.


How do the notifications work?

You can find information about how notifications work in our Toluna Essentials blog.

Do you have a direct link to the standards for content bonus?

Yes, you can find all the information on Content Bonuses here.

Do you have any tips for boosting our number of content participants?

One way to boost content participation from other members, is to become friends with them! Follow other members, vote on their content, and write on their wall to let them know you voted on their content. Most members will return the favor.

Is there a way I can connect my Toluna account to my Facebook?

Yes, you can connect via Facebook or Twitter under “Sharing Preferences” in Account Settings.

What are gifties and do I get anything from them from my points?

Gifties are a virtual gift that you can send to yourself, or a friend. They represent real products. You exchange a small amount of points for the virtual item, and at the same time play for a chance to win the real item. The winner is determined by a computer algorithm that chooses random winners. New Gifties are added every month, you can find out about these via announcements on our blog.

If you win a Giftie, how will you know if you win, and when will you receive it?

If you win a Giftie, then you will receive an email saying that your Giftie became real, and that you are a winner. We order Gifties twice per month, so you should receive the Giftie within a month after winning.

Is there a way to access this presentation online, or can it be emailed to us?

We do not have a recorded version of this webinar available online, however, we do cover most of the topics in our Toluna Essentials series.

Are you planning to add more rewards soon ?

We are always adding new rewards. Make sure you stay tuned to announcements on our blog, or check your notifications regularly for these announcements.

Is Toluna mobile friendly?

Yes, the Toluna website is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. You can also access the community, surveys, and create content from our free mobile apps available in the Google Play  and iTunes stores.

Are the monthly sweepstakes winners notified, or do they have to visit the blog to see if their name is on the list?

Monthly and quarterly sweepstakes winners are always notified via email first. Once everything is confirmed, we will announce on Toluna.com.

For the Twitter/Instagram contests, if we don’t have a way to take or upload photos, can we use a photo from Google that’s similar to one we’d actually upload?

Unfortunately you cannot use photos from search engines, due to copyright laws. The content must be an original photo.

Are there any plans to conduct an advanced-level webinar?

We are currently working on a webinar for the mobile app, but we are open to suggestions. Please let us know what topics you would like us to cover in-depth.

Points / Surveys

Do we still earn points if we’re given a Profile update survey…and we review it, but nothing’s changed?

**Update** Profile Surveys can be updated as many times as needed, so we can send you surveys that match your unique interests and your lifestyle as time goes on.  However, currently points are only available upon first completing these surveys.

Why am I getting so many survey invitations?

If you want to change the preferences on email, you can change these in your Account Settings, under the “Settings” tab.

Test Products

I had a product sent to me to review but haven’t received a follow-up survey yet.

Please contact our help desk, as they will get in touch with our Test Product team for you.

Will there be anymore webinars?

Yes, we will be holding this same webinar on May 20th at 5pm EST (NYC time). Register here and earn 1000 points for your attendance!

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