December Toluna Beginners Webinar Q&A


I have been a member for quite a while have done many surveys and polls, is this webinar good for me?

Yes, our webinar is for Toluna beginners but many members have written in stating that they learned some new things. We are constantly changing the site and it’s a great overview of the website. In additon, we cover all the ways that you can earn points on the site.

Why did they change the PayPal options?

A: I can direct you to a blog post about our Paypal options, but basically due to the high demand in Paypal requests we had to change the amount

Can family members within the same household sign up for Toluna?

Yes, Members of the same household are allowed to sign up.

Are cheques offered in Canada?

Checks are not currently offered in Canada

Are the survey opportunities different on the app than the website?

Survey opportunities vary on our app. Not all surveys that are offered on are mobile compatible. In terms of the app, we are working on specific mobile missions for our members.

Is there any way to tailor the surveys that I receive, so as to qualify more often? I find I have to go through many of them, before I find one I qualify for.

If you complete all of your “profile surveys’ that will help us to improve your survey. Please visit this link to fill out your Profile Surveys:

Why do I not qualify for all surveys?

Some surveys are looking for a very specific group on people who meet a very narrow set of demographic or other criteria. Sometimes, determining whether someone qualifies for a survey takes just a few questions other times, it may take more questions. Please know that we appreciate your participation and that even when you don’t qualify, your participation helps contribute to the success of the study.

How do u know when your points expire?

Yes, points expire one year after they are posted to your account. You can check this each month by going to “Points” and selecting the appropriate date range. There will also be a notice for you to let you know how many points will be expiring by when. Or by clicking on this link:

How many survey we can enter for a day? How do I increase this?

You are allowed to enter as many surveys as you would like, as long as they are available.

I have a check that has been processing for 5 weeks. Why is it taking so long?

We are currently on a delay for some rewards. Please read our announcement about this delay:

Is there a fee for redeeming through PayPal?

There is no fee to redeem your points for a PayPal payment

Is there a limited amount to earn daily?

There is no limit to how many points you can earn each day.

Just out of curiosity, there can only be 10 answers when creating polls. Is this just because of a technical issue, or is it something else?

There is no technical issue, we just only offer our members 10 answers for polls. This keep the site uncluttered and concise.

Where is the best source to view everything Toluna?  The website or an app?

The best way to see Toluna is on The app is an extension of the website and not everything is mobile compatible.

Will there be anymore webinars?

Yes, we will be holding this same webinar on Jan 20th, 2pm EST. Register here

For more info, consult our Nov 6th Webinar Q&A blog

*this blog was revised on Jan 19, 2015.


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