December Trivia Contest Week 1 Results

Hello members,

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Thank you to everyone that participated in Week 1 of our December Trivia Contest. Over the past, week we posted a new question each day for you to answer. We received an overwhelming response, with more than 300 participants daily!

Here are the answers for Week 1:

  1. What is the birthstone for December? Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon
  2. Name the flower(s) associated with the Month of December. Paper White Narcissus, Holly, Poinsettia
  3. What are the 2 astrological signs that fall within the month of December? Sagittarius, Capricorn
  4. December is derived from the Latin name ____, the middle Goddess of the Three Fates who personifies the present.  Decima
  5. Which day in December is National Chocolate Day? We realized that there were several chocolate related days in December, so we rewarded everyone. If you would like to know the specifics, here are all chocolate related days: National Chocolate day was October, 28, 2014.  National Brownie Day on December 8th, a National Cocoa Day on December 13th, a National Cover Anything in Chocolate Day on December 16th and a National Chocolate CANDY Day on December 28th.  

We will be rewarding the Week 1 Bonuses by the end of the day today. Thank you to everyone who participated. We’ve already begun Week 2 of this contest, and you can enter here. Best of Luck!

The Toluna Team

*Promotion Rules: Members will receive 100 points per day for providing the correct answer to the day’s question. If all 5 questions are answered correctly, an additional bonus of 1,000 points will be provided. Members may receive no more than 1,500 points for participating in this week’s contest. Points will be awarded to winners by 5PM EST, on Monday, December 15th 2014, and will be uploaded directly to user’s accounts. Open to US & Canada only. The winner will be notified on their wall that they have won. Posts must not contain any language that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above.

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