Essentials: Increase Your Followers


The Toluna community offers our millions of members the chance to express their opinions. In our series of “Toluna Essentials” we’ll go over all the techniques you can use to get the most out of your experience with Toluna.  Today, let’s go over increasing your friends and followers.

As you begin your journey in the Toluna community, you’ll get into the Toluna flow of behavior. Our members tend to be very friendly, and love participating in content.


Here are a few simple tips to make friends and increase your following

  1. Make friends by introducing yourself after voting on someone’s content and let them know that you shared your opinion, just like sheilaskehill did above. Most members will return the favor, and give you a follow.
  2. Send a Giftie! You only have to exchange a few points to send a Giftie to a new friend. They’ll appreciate it.
  3. Follow people. Reach out by following members that you think create great content. They’ll receive a notification that you followed them, and you might just get a follow back.

By following the steps above, not only can you share and learn about the community’s thoughts and viewpoints, but, like so many members, you may just create lasting friendships!  So, don’t be a stranger!  Stop by your fellow member’s profiles and introduce yourself.

For more tips & tricks, check back next Wednesday!

Have questions or feedback for our Toluna Essentials Series? Leave a message on our wall.


Toluna Team


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