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The Toluna community offers a platform for our millions of members to express their opinions. In our series of “Toluna Essentials” we’ll go over all the techniques you can use to get the most out of your experience with Toluna. Today, let’s go over the Toluna Rewards Center.


You can find the Rewards Center by clicking the “Explore” menu at the top of and on the drop down menu you will find Rewards Center. On the top right corner you will see how many points you have to spend and you can do this in a couple different ways. You can choose from our many options for Gift Cards including Amazon, Gap, Starbucks and more. Each section will expand to show you the many rewards we offer.


You’ll see that we conveniently show how many points each reward costs. Most rewards that you choose will show up within 24-72 hours on your rewards page with the exception of Amazon Canada, Barnes & Noble, Lowes, Gap Canada, and Sears which are delivered via email.   Also, at the top of the Rewards section, you will notice that we give you the option to view all of our rewards, or you can click to display only the options which you can afford with your current balance.


Sweepstakes*: As you know, when you do not qualify for a survey, you are automatically entered into our monthly cash sweepstakes.  But, you may not know that you can also redeem your points for additional entries into this sweepstakes for 500 points apiece – giving you an added edge for the monthly drawing.**

In addition to our cash sweepstakes, we also offer a quarterly sweepstakes open to most countries, and tickets are only available through the Rewards Center. This quarter we are giving away the new iPhone 6 Plus!  For this particular drawing, there will be 3 winners, and the member who purchases the most tickets is a guaranteed winner!

*Please note that the sweepstakes entries are currently not available for purchase in Canada.
**Monthly cash sweepstakes winners are chosen through a random drawing– see official rules

Gifties: Another option is to take a chance at winning one of our exclusive “Gifties”! Gifties are virtual gifts, which represent real products which you can send to yourself, or a friend.  You exchange a small amount of points for the virtual item, and at the same time play for a chance to win the real item. The winner is determined by a computer algorithm that chooses random winners. New Gifties are added every month, and you can find out about these via announcements on our blog.


Under the Gifties section you can see all the latest winners for both Gifties and our monthly sweepstakes. Feel free to click on their profiles and congratulate them from time to time.

Have questions or feedback for our Toluna Essentials Series? Leave a message on our wall.


Toluna Team


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