September Trivia Contest Week 1 & 2 Results

Hello members,

Sept Trivia Contest W2

Wow! Thank you to everyone that participated in Week 1 and Week 2 of our September Trivia Contest. Over the past two weeks, we posted a new question each day for you to answer. We received an overwhelming response, with more than 300 participants daily.

Here are the answers to the questions:

Week 1

  1. What is the birthstone for September? Sapphire
  2. What is the flower for September ? Aster, Morning Glory
  3. What zodiac signs are included in this month? Virgo, Libra
  4. The Romans believed that the month of September was looked after by the god ____ who was the god of ___. Vulcan, fire

Week 2

  1. The word “September” comes from the Latin word ___ meaning ___ . septem or seven
  2. Name the US president born in September: Taft
  3. ___ assembled in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774. The First Continental Congress
  4. Great Britain signed the _____  ending the Revolutionary War in America on September 3, 1783. Treaty of Paris
  5. _________ wrote ‘The Star Spangled Banner” during the attack on Fort McHenry on Sept 14, 1814. Francis Scott Key.

We will be rewarding last week’s participants by the end of the day today. We’ve got 2 more weeks of this contest, with a potential for you to win up to 3,000 points! Here is Week 3 Day 1.

For more details on this contest, click here.

Good luck!
The Toluna Team

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