Essentials: How to Create a Poll

The Toluna community offers our members a chance to create their own content and get feedback from our millions of members. Our content creation platform offers our members to create Polls, Topics, Thumb Its and Battles. In our series of “Toluna Essentials” we’ll go over all the techniques you can use to get the most out of your content at Toluna.


The first in our series is the “Poll” option. What is a poll? By definition, a poll is a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject. Polls are generally presented in a list form or give options via bullet points. Our polls allow you to ask a question and provide as many as 10 answers. Perhaps you want to know what do most of our community members prefer for a soda brand, or for a pet? Polls are great when you have a long list of options.



Adding photos or videos to the entire poll, as well as the answers is quite simple. Just click the camera icon, or video camera icon and upload your own photos, or use our search tool. *Quick Tip* Polls that include a photo or video tend to have more votes than ones that do not include this feature. In fact, our Toluna Team members may even send you some bonus points.


“Single” is the default for all polls, meaning you only want members to choose one of the provided answers. Select “multiple” if you would like to give members the choice to pick more than one of the answers provided.


By clicking the “Advanced” options button, the picture above will drop down. Our advanced options allow you to choose the timeframe you would like to keep your poll open (1 month, 3 months or 6 months, or Forever). Your poll will close automatically after 6 months if you do not choose an option. “Random Answer Order” will make sure that the answers provided will always be randomized to the poll takers.


Toluna requires that you choose a category for your content and give you plenty of options in the category bar. Scroll over the icons to see which each icon represents. If you are not sure where to categorize your poll, you can always click the wine glass representing “lifestyle.”


Once your poll is launched, you can view the results by going to your profile, scrolling down to “Your Content”. Please note that you must vote on your own poll before you can review the results. Click on your content and on the button that says “results.” A menu like the one above will appear. You can share your results with friends on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, email, and your blog.

Thanks for reading a bit about Toluna, and we look forward to bringing you more information next week!


Toluna Team


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