New Gifties Available Now!

Hello Members,

We’re excited to bring you a great new selection of Gifties today! Take a look below to see what you can find in your Rewards Center right now.

First up, the winner of our “Name the Next Giftie” Contest: A chance to win 50,000 Toluna Points! Congratulations to Pokecheck for suggesting this fun Giftie!

pointsJust remember, this Giftie is only available for the summer, so be sure to visit the Rewards Center before the leaves start turning on September 22nd for your chance to win!

Next, if you’re looking to show your love for Toluna, we’ve added some fun Toluna merchandise, including a key chain and sunglasses!


Finally, we wanted to give you some Gifties that keep giving. Try your luck at winning a 3-month subscription to one or all of the clubs below!

monthlyWe hope you enjoy this fun new collection of Gifties.  Stay tuned for more Gifties announcements headed your way soon!

Good luck!
The Toluna Team

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