Toluna’s Header gets a new look

You may have noticed that the header on got a redesign this afternoon.

The goal of this tinkering was to ease our users’ navigation on the site; putting surveys front and center as we know that the majority of you are here just for that.  As a result you can see the new header below with the new Surveys tab selected, showing the submenu containing the Survey Center, Profile Surveys and a link to Sponsored Content (Quick Votes and Toluna Quick Surveys):

toluna header for blog

All of your account information can now be found in the drop-down list under your username:

toluna header 2 for blog

We hope you enjoy these changes and we look forward to improving other features of Toluna on a continuing basis.  Please don’t hesitate to leave any remarks or questions in the comments section below.

See you soon on the site,

The Toluna Team

7 responses to “Toluna’s Header gets a new look”

  1. James says :

    Wow, I really like this. Thank you Toluna. This is much easier to navigate through 🙂

  2. Delia Arceo says :

    Hello There,

    It was wonderful that you thought of streamlining the process of navigating the website. I get excited going there front/center and look and see what is new and exciting. KUDOS!! to you guys….

    • tolunausa says :

      We appreciate the nice feedback! We have more updates coming over the next few months that we hope you’ll enjoy just as much. Stay tuned.

  3. irenepagan says :

    It’s also encouraging to be able to post comments,feel as if i’m invited personally to surveys and other great streamings,like new incentives that are relevant to me. I wasn’t able to do that before your new site went into effect. Thanks for that,guys!

  4. Gracie Lou says :

    I like the new look – it is definitely easy to navigate!

  5. Larry says :

    What a positive improvement to Toluna’s site. I myself really like the change and am very satisfied with it, how bout you!

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