These Gifties Just Became Real!

Dear members,

We just wanted to share with you the enormous success we’ve seen with our new rewards choice – Gifties.  Since we launched the new site a little over a month ago, and with it Gifties, we’ve had over 40 members receiving real gifts right at their front door– giving more than one real giftie per day!

We’re proud to provide so many cool gifts to so many of our members and hope the program becomes even more popular in the future.  We wanted to thank all those who have already taken a chance and want to encourage all of you to give it a try.  You might get a real gift, too!

Our most popular real Gifties have been the Target and Exxon Gas gift cards, not surprising given the ubiquity and popularity of the former and the need of the latter given high gas prices. Our latest Giftie that became real was delivered to member, Ksmekofske.  She received a pair of great Ray Ban sunglasses at her and she was thrilled – “I love you new site and the Gifties – I won a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and I absolutely love them!…I could not be more happy with my gift. Thank you!”  We’d love to see your photo with these brand new Ray Bans!  We’ve heard everyone thinks they’re just amazing.

And here is the full list:

Username                                  Gifties that became Real

tristanedd Exxon Gift Card
brandi0709 Gap Gift Card
diaryofawizard Starbucks Gift Card
tickerbell32 Sephora Gift Card
Houseboss123 Starbucks Gift Card
brkearney1 Exxon Gift Card
sherrin1231 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card
AllenOcean Target Gift Card
monee_13 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card Exxon Gift Card
Angelicamc Gap Gift Card Angry Birds Plush Figure
sakumuffin Starbucks Gift Card
jnsonwu P.F. Chang’s Gift Card
rrbma96 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card
IEatMarbleNotebooks Birthday Cake Delivery
nowens Exxon Gift Card
ardshan76 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card
tooth7126 Angry Birds Plush Figure
deblang4d Starbucks Gift Card Exxon Gift Card
cowsaregreen Exxon Gift Card
Laurajeann Bouquet of Flowers
trailblazer68655229 Target Gift Card
doriennewillis186 Cookie Delivery Target Gift Card Sephora Gift Card
sachin1999 Exxon Gift Card
ksmekofske Ray-Ban Sunglasses
thalia2003 Winnie the Pooh Plush Doll
Jodyx3 Starbucks Gift Card
tasha2sweet17 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card
lizzyxrawrlulx Target Gift Card
cmg2097 Starbucks Gift Card
ce7485 Target Gift Card
shirley.rolling 1 pound of M&Ms

More Gifties are becoming real every day, stay tuned!

See you soon on the site,

The Toluna Team

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