Lucky Testers Selected for Beauty Products

Dear Members,

Please click the link to see the list of testers for these products.

Netix Hand Lotion


MedSpa™ Hand and Body Lotion by Medline

Med Spa lotion                                

Bourjois Eye Shadow


Congratulations to the testers and we hope you enjoy the products once they are delivered to your home.


Toluna Team

New Rewards Available Today!

Hello members,

Stop by the Rewards Center today to request one of our newest additions!

west elm$25 west elm eGift Cards – Redeem 75,000 points for a $25 west elm eGift Card, which can be redeemed in-store or online at west elm, Williams-Sonoma, or Pottery Barn.  Full Terms and Conditions are available in the Rewards Center

Jiffy Lube Gift Card$10 Jiffy Lube eGift Cards – For 30,000 points, you can do some quick maintenance on your vehicle with a $10 Jiffy Lube eGift Card.  Jiffy Lube gift cards are good at all Jiffy Lube locations for oil changes, and other services.

Come back soon for more reward announcements!

See you soon,
The Toluna Team

May Trivia Contest Answers Revealed!

Hello members,

Lovely Flower

Thank you to everyone that participated in our May Trivia Contest. Over the past few weeks we posted a new question each day for you to answer. We received an overwhelming response, with more than 300 participants daily! Below are the answers to each question.

Week 1: Basic Facts

May 4: What is the birthstone for May?

Answer: Emerald

May 5: What two flowers symbolize the month of May?

Answer: Hawthorne, lily of the valley.

May 6: Most sources would say that May was named after what Greek Goddess? What did she symbolize?

Answer: Maia was the Greek goddess of spring.

May 7:  How do you say May in French, Spanish, and Italian?

Answer: Mai, Maya, Maggio

May 8:  What 2 zodiac signs are included in the month of May?

Answer: Taurus, Gemini

Week 2: Fun Facts

May 11: May has always been the 5th month of the year? True or False

Answer: May was once the third month. When Julius Caesar moved January and February from the end of the year to the beginning, May became the fifth month.

May 12: Who wrote the sonnet in which this line occurs? “Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May?”

Answer: William Shakespeare for The Darling Buds of May

May 13: May was once considered a bad luck month to get married. Fill in the blank: There is a poem that says “Marry in May, you’ll ___ ____ ___”

Answer: Rue the Day

May 14: The UK celebrates may as “___ month”

Answer: Smile

May 15: According to an old Cornish superstition, it is unlucky to buy a __ in May?

Answer: broom

Week 3: Historical Facts

May 18: What famous NYC building opened on May 1, 1931?

Answer: Empire State Building

May 19: Lewis and Clark began their trip up the Missouri River on what date?

Answer: May 14, 1859

May 20: On what date did Amelia Earhart begin her first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: May 20, 1932

May 21: The first __ was issued in England on May 6, 1840

Answer: Postage stamp

May 22: The first U.S. medical school opened in what city on May 3, 1765?

Answer: Philadelphia

Want more trivia? Enter our Create Your Own Trivia contest, and answer others posts!

May 20th Webinar Q&A

Good afternoon members,


Thank you to those members who attended our webinar on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015. As promised, I have answered all of your questions here. If you missed this one, don’t worry! We will hold another one next month. Stay tuned for details.

1. How do you earn bonus points?

Rank up bonuses are given at the discretion of the Toluna staff. We don’t reward everyone every day. We scour the dashboard looking for high quality content. Here is some information on rank up

2. What is #tolunadinner, can you go over this again?

#Tolunadinner is our May Instagram & Twitter contest. Here is a link with details on how to enter. We have a new theme each month, so keep checking back for more opportunities.

3. How can you reach members to write on their wall ,when clicking on their icon doesn’t work?

You can always type in (type username here)

4. How can many times can a member test products? Do we earn points when we test products? How do you get chosen?

You are unlimited to the amount of times you can test a product. Please do note, however, that test products are very popular and we have a limited amount to send out to our members. You do earn points for testing products. Test products are chosen based on the demographic our clients are looking for. Sometimes this can be random, sometimes this is more specific to either gender, location etc.

More information and Q&A blogs from past webinar session: February January | December | November | October

Win 1 Million Points In Our Latest Sweepstakes!

How would you like to become a Toluna Millionaire? Now, you can!

From now until August 17, enter our new sweepstakes to be one of ten members who wins 1 million points each! That’s right, we are giving away 10 million points in total!


Remember, as always the members who redeems the most tickets is a guaranteed winner! For rules and regulations, please see here.

Get your tickets now in the Reward Center.

Good luck!

The Toluna Team

Toluna Members Consume These Summer Fruits

A few weeks ago, we asked US members via Toluna QuickSurveys about their habits and preferences for summer fruits. Berries and watermelon are by far the most consumed summer fruits. Take a look at the infographic below to see the results.

Summer Fruit

Perhaps you were inspired by today’s infographic. Login to Toluna today to create your own poll and gather your friend’s opinions!

Member of the Week – May 14, 2015

Hello Members,


Congrats to our member of the week KxXGuerrereXxD! Click on the username to participate in all of this member’s fun and interesting content like this poll below:


Thanks KxXGuerrereXxD for creating great content, and sharing your interests with the community!

Good luck to everyone on being next week’s winner!

See you soon,
The Toluna Team

How does it work? 
Every day the Toluna Team awards Content Bonus points to members for posting high quality polls, topics, battles and thumb-its. Each Thursday, we will tally those bonuses for the week, and the member with the most Content Bonuses will be awarded an additional 5,000 points for their great contributions to the site, and will be named our Member of the Week. Find out more here.

Wondering how you can receive a content bonus? Check out our blog post with tips on how you can create top quality content here!

Lucky testers for Maybelline Mascara Illegal Length revealed!

Dear Members,

Please see the lucky testers for the Maybelline Mascara Illegal Length 

Maybelline-Illegal-Length-MascaraCongratulations to the testers and we hope you enjoy the products once they are delivered to your home.


Toluna Team

Create your own Trivia, Earn 600 points!

my trivia question graphic

In the spirit of our May Trivia Contest, we would like to invite you to create your own trivia topic! Follow the directions below to enter:

  1. Must create a poll with the title “My Trivia Question
  2. Poll must include a photo or video
  3. Poll must have 4 or more choices for answers
  4. Your poll must be created between May 13-30th. *
  5. Earn 500 points

For example:

My Trivia Question – What is the Connecticut State flower?

  1. The tulip
  2. The mountain laurel
  3. The daisy
  4. The hydrangea

At the end of May, we will send all participants directions to create a topic with the correct answer (worth 100 additional points).

Please note that it can be a trivia question or fact about anything, perhaps even a personal trivia question. You do not need to have it be May themed. Entries that ask opinions will NOT qualify.

*Promotion rules: Limit one content piece created per person. The poll must have the title “My Trivia Question”. Contest post must be created between May 13 and 30th, 2015. Open to US and Canada only. Members will earn a 500-point rank up bonus or direct credit to their account. Points will be awarded to winners within 7 days of the contest close day, May 30, 2015. Posts must not contain any language that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above.

Who’s taking home a new 60” LED TV?

Hello members,

The results are finally in, and four of you will soon receive a brand new 60” LED TV from our previous sweepstakes! Head over to these members’ walls to congratulate them!

TV screenshotWP_20150512_009

Spain | Martita_025

United States | Janekostman3

France | Papirouge

Thailand | Psxemu

Stay tuned for the next sweepstakes… coming next week! In the meantime, you can enter our monthly cash sweepstakes in your local Rewards Center here.

See you soon,

The Toluna Team


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